Monday, 21 November 2011

Kebab ji Restaurant

Kebab ji is 1st Lebanese restaurant opened in summer 2011 in Sliema, Malta. You can find our restaurant at:

Kebab ji address:

132 A, Tower Road, Sliema.
Tel 2782 7562

We are right across Fortizza restaurant. You cannot miss, just follow the smell of the delightful food that comes from our kebab ji restaurant.

Other option to find us is by typing our address in Google map or visiting our facebook fan page here, kebab ji facebook fan page where you can find the map and the address of our kebab ji restaurant.

We Are Open, Come In And Enjoy Colourful And Tasty Lebanese Food

Welcome to our new Lebanese kebab ji restaurant! We are situated in a small Mediterranean island in Malta, Sliema.

From a delicious Lebanese kebab to traditional home made falafel, you can enjoy the real taste from Lebanon cuisine, a country filled with exotic flavors and tasty spices.

And if you like some spicy food, we also have something for you. Come and taste it we are open every day from 11.00 am to 01.00 am EVERY DAY including Sundays. When no one else is open we are, ready to put some colorful food on your plates.

We Welcome YOU to our new kebab ji restaurant!